Mission Statement

We are committed in providing a fair and equitable experience to all our players. This means that we will only ever offer cosmetics, convenience items and things that benefit all players - we will not offer anything that gives any player a gameplay advantage over another player.

Revenue from this shop is used to cover server costs. If revenue exceeds costs, we will use the surplus on creating more content for our players to enhance the gameplay experience, distribute a portion of the surplus to the development team as a token of appreciation for their hard work and a portion will be donated to charity to create value for society at large.

All purchases are final, please read our Terms of Services for our purchase terms and refund policy. Listed prices are liable to change due to currency exchange rates.

Support and Contact

Purchases are processed automatically, if there are any issues such as not receiving your purchases please create a support ticket at our Support Centre and we will process the ticket as soon as possible (typically 2-3 working days).


We are not Mojang, AB nor are we affliated with Mojang, AB in any way.


Our first priority is creating content and value for our players and therefore our resources are focused on providing content and developing the server. Creating shop items and shop mechanics is second priority and will be focused on several months after server opening. Content creation and value creation for our players is our first and foremost mission.